I hope you’ve enjoyed this web presentation as much as I enjoyed putting it together. While this is the end of the line for now, there is much, much more to discover, both about the many topics raised here (naturally!), and also about Riemann himself. Please join in the work! Here are some references to set yourself out on a good track of discoveries. And, it's always more fun with a team!


Complex magnitudes

  • Gauss’s 1799 doctoral dissertation demonstrated the physical reality of complex numbers (also called imaginary numbers), and formed the basis for the early development of the LaRouche Youth Movement. See also Bruce Director's “Bringing the Invisible to the Surface
  • Caspar Wessel’s On the Analytical Representation of Direction is a very fun approach to complex magnitudes, and formed the basis of the geometric means of dealing with them on this site. It is available as a book published by The Royal Danish Academy of Sciences and Letters, and an excerpt, covering everything we touched on in this site, is available in the Source Book of Mathematics, published by Dover. A new translation of the relevant sections will appear here when it is completed.

Dirichlet's Principle

Riemann's Work


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