A complex table

This page has been made to help the reader make sense of the different columns of the large table of Brahe's opposition observations. This is not a complete guide to the chapter.

Parts of the table:
Obs. Long. with respect to Mars's Circle
This will make more sense in chapter 9. This is where Mars is, in its orbit, rather than dropped along latitude to lie on the earth's ecliptic.
Long. with respect to the ecliptic
This is the position on the ecliptic where you could raise a perpendicular to reach Mars at its proper latitude. See chapter 9.
The difference between these two longitudes. This is the subject of chapter 9.

Simple Long. of Mars
This is the mean motion of Mars.

Computed position of Mars, by the Tychonic equations. Tycho wanted this to match the longitude with respect to Mars's ecliptic.