The Lunatic Theory

Here, we have the Lunatic Theory developed by Claudius Lunarius, foremost astronomer of the Moon-Dwellers, developed with great difficulty.  The moon (white dot), as is obvious, rests in the center of the heavenly system.  The moon does rotate, however, in just the same way as the earth (cyan) revolves around it, such that it always turns the same side toward the earth.  The sun (yellow) revolves around the moon, with, however, a small epicycle on its orbit.  Mars (red), rotates around on an epicycle around another point (pink) which, itself, revolves around the earth (which revolves around the moon).  This model has been found to account for all celestial phenomena to within observational precision, and, it is asserted by Master Claudius that its better will never be seen.

Now, before you, as your geo-centric kind are wont to do, go on to assume that the great Claudius Lunarius is in error, here is the Lunatic model, with the lines of sight from your earth towards the sun and Mars, compared with your "Copernican" model:

Looks a little shaky, eh? Let's move out further to see the true zodiac directions.

Who's to say the great Claudius Lunarius is not correct?