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Welcome to the LaRouche Youth Movement's presentation of Kepler's Astronomia Nova! This web site was developed in response to a challenge issued by Lyndon LaRouche, in his paper Re-Animating an Actual Economy, published in the Augut 4, 2006 issue of EIR.  Postings began to the site in July 2006, with an initial launch of the site as a whole in September 2006.  Since that time, the international political and philosophical movement associated with LaRouche has taken up the challenge of mastering Kepler as the first modern scientist.  Placed after the Pythagoreans, Cusa-follower Kepler is the first step in the modern era on the narrow track of scientific development culminating in the discoveries of Bernhard Riemann, and the economic method of Lyndon LaRouche.

The strength of the project and this report lies in its context: developed by a group of young leaders organizing full-time for a new world economic system, and doing the intellectual work required to know what that means, this report is the fruit of a social development of ideas rarely found in modern universities.

Participants at a LYM cadre school, hard at work on The New Astronomy.


It would have taken us much longer to understand Kepler's Astronomia Nova if William H. Donahue hadn't taken the time to translate it!  Quotations on this site are, unless otherwise noted, from his translation, published by the Cambridge University Press.  Given how few copies of this book were printed, we sincerely hope that the Green Lion Press will move forward with the printing of the second edition.  Also, quotations from Ptolemy and Copernicus are taken from the Great Books series.