Astronomia Nova
The Birth of Modern Science

      Welcome, reader! This web site may strike you as hard to use at first, and there is a reason for that.  It was originally put together as a somewhat internal report, for use by members of the international LaRouche Youth Movement working on Kepler's New Astronomy.  As it was being born, it had the form of specific pedagogies and animations to help work on particular sections of the book.  It has now been filled out to a great extent, with specific web pages for most of the chapters of the book, and accompanying articles and summaries to give an overview.  Nevertheless, this site as a whole is still waiting for a remodeling to make it an available stand-alone guide to Kepler's scientific method.
      If you would like an introduction to the whole of Kepler's New Astronomy, reading through the overviews of the five parts of the book (links are on the left frame on the main page), would be helpful, as well as reading the articles in the March 2007 issue of Δυναμις.  Some parts of this website have a continuity to them, as well.  The page on the Vicarious Hypothesis is a good example.
      Keep posted, because this site will be updated to be a comprehensive guide to Kepler's discovery of universal gravitation and the infinitesimal.
      Be sure to check out the computer help if you're having trouble viewing the animations.

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