Welcome to the Harmony of the World webpage! This is the second edition of a complete pedagogical work-through of Johannes Kepler's magnum opus, Harmonices Mundi, the first edition having been completed by an initial research team in 2007. The task of coming to understand not just the subject matter of Kepler's works, but, more importantly, his scientific method was initially assigned by Lyndon LaRouche to his younger associates in 2006 as a necessary step in rebuilding competence in economic thinking within our scientists, artists and policy makers. The need for such revolution in thinking is even greater today, as since that time, the global financial crisis has reached the critical moment of collapse—where survival depends on the re-establishment of a competent basis of policy making and practice1. This crisis was not inevitable. It is the result of exactly the faulty thinking and belief in mathematical statistics which LaRouche warned about repeatedly, and which was soundly disproved by Kepler in the 17th century. Mankind should have abandoned it long ago.

The purpose of the release today, by the LaRouche PAC, of a second edition exposition of Kepler's crucial work, is to provide the necessary educational tools for students, scientists and policy-makers alike to have access at this crucial moment to what is probably the most explicit and accessible presentation of a competent basis in modern scientific method available.

The Work

The Harmony of the World is divided into five books, the first and second on arithmetic and geometry, the third on musical harmonies, the fourth on the mind, the senses, and the Earth's sensorium, and the fifth and final on the harmonic motions of the Solar System, generated by a single “idea” of the Sun: universal gravitation.

This webpage is designed to be an assistant to anyone who is working through Kepler's book themselves, providing animations, diagrams, and overviews of each step in the development of Kepler's pedagogy. It is also designed for those who have not read Kepler's work directly to still be able to relive the process by which Kepler unfolds his discovery and to grasp more firmly, via Kepler's own leap of hypothesis, how one can come to know a principle as an originally generated idea, prior to confirming its validity with the set of data mapped into the sense-perceivable domain. This is crucial to all competent economic forecasting.

What you'll find on each page of the website is a main, narrated video, with the transcript posted underneath, along with accompanying animations and diagrams, so that you can work through it at your own pace.

It is important to note that the set of videos now being released are a comprehensive treatment of only Book III, on musical harmonics. Because of the remaining volume of the work, and yet the importance of Kepler's being an active personality in shaping the new cultural and scientific paradigm that man is potentially entering now, we have decided to release Book III alone, and then to add the rest of the material as it is finished, in subsequent weeks and months.

At the bottom of each page you will find a list of references to the chapters of the book which correspond to each video presentation, and to other helpful supplementary material.

For a treatment of Books I, II, IV and V, please refer, for now, to the first edition of the Harmony of the World website, and check back here in the future for the completed second edition.

—Megan Beets


1. More on the exact nature of those policies can be found on the LaRouche PAC website.


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