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Thank You's and Acknowledgments

Thank-You's and Acknowledgments

None of this would be possible without the help of a number of people who greatly assisted this animations group. First, we would like to thank our webmaster Florian. Without his assistance, we would not have been able to create the website you see here. His tireless work also made possible the page on Kepler’s harmonic system which we think will prove itself to be a very powerful tool for future astronomical investigations of our universe.

Next, we thank Jean-Sébastien Tremblay who spent a number of days recording the musical examples you hear on these pages. Because of his work, you hear the rich sounds of an actual instrument, instead of the mechanical whining of digitally generated tones. As he played these examples on his cello, Jean-Sébastien had a number of insights into Kepler’s unique concept of harmonics, which gave a bare hint of the great potential that lies in wait for true musicians who engage with Kepler’s work. Also, Rene and John Sigerson recorded a number of examples on their instruments to fill in what we hadn’t been able to produce with Jean-Sébastien, and because of them our final product has a coherent sound, without the occasional horror of Mathematica tones interspersed.

We give a special thanks to Antonio Cidadão who allowed us to use his wonderful astronomical images/animations. He has obviously taken much time and great care to help us visualize our solar system. You can see his other work at:
and he can be contacted at:
[email protected]

Finally, we want to thank Lyndon LaRouche. Whatever success we have had, is a demonstration of the true principle that should guide education and the development of human beings, a principle about which LaRouche has been speaking for years. “Obviously, the difference between a beast and a man, the characteristic difference, is this quality of cognition, quality of reason. The quality of making fundamental disoveries which can be proven to be true about the universe. So, our job is essentially to take a young child; and, knowing in the child there is the spark of the ability to make creative discoveries our job is to enable that child to experience the great discoveries of principle of past civilizations, and to embody those discoveries in themselves.” (Teach the "Eureka!" Principle Lyndon LaRouche May 24, 2001) Although we did not have a culture that provided the opportunity for us to do this as children, LaRouche created the conditions for us to do this as young adults. And so, he created the possibility for us to show that he is right. And indeed: LaRouche is right.

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