Harmonies and Solids
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Harmony of the World
Chapter 9
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A Dissonant Harmony

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chapter 9

Chapter 9

The Origin of the Eccentricities of the Individual Planets in the Arranging of the Harmonies Between their Motions

We see, therefore, that the universal harmonies of all the six planets cannot be the result of accident, above all in the extremeties of their motions, which as we have seen all coincided in universal harmonies, except for two, which coincided with the harmonies nearest to universal ones. Also it is much less possible for it to come about accidentally in that all the positions in the system of an octave established in Book III by the harmonic sections should be represented by the extremes of the motions of the planets; and least likely of all that the very subtle business of the distinction of the heavenly harmonies into the two kinds, hard and soft, should happen by chance, without the care of a unique Craftsman. It therefore follows that the Creator, the fountain of all wisdom, the constant advocate of order, the eternal and transcendental wellspring of geometry and harmony, that He, I say, the very Craftsman of that which is in the heavens, has linked the harmonic proportions, which arose from the regular plane figures, to the five regular solid figures, and shaped from both classes the one most perfect archetype for the heavens.

kepler, book v

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