Technical Advice

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Freindly Advice for Website

Advice on using the Harmony of the World Website.

Welcome Freindly Web browsers! Keplers Mind as seen through his Harmony of the World is here and ready to be rediscovered by the members of all future generations! In designing this webpage, we've kept you, the user, in mind. The navigation of the site has been simplified to ensure easy mobility. All the Books and pedagogies can be accessed on the left side of the page. You don't need a fancy computer to view this page either. Sizes of files have been kept as small as possible, so you don't have to waste your life downloading images! So before you embark on your journey we have taken time to make it as user freindly as possible by giving advice on essentials.



1. On Viewing the animations

Download Flash Player, if you don't already have it. All of the animations posted on the Harmony of the World website were made using Macromedia Flash. In order to view them, you must download Flash Player, a plugin for your browser that allows the flash end user content to be displayed. The latest plugin can be downloaded from the Adobe homesite. If it's already installed, then the site will let you know. Flash Player is a very lightweight non-intrusive program and can run fine, even on older model computers.

2. Flash Player Scroll bar

Some of the animations have an extra scroll bar function. This is an added feature that allow people to easily pause / play, zoom in / zoom out, and rewind / fastforward animations. The scroll bar is usually minimized on the lower righthand side of an animation, as seen in the image below.


When you click on the little arrow, the scroll bar will pop out like this;


So thats the scroll bar.


3. Embedded Flash Functions

Once you get the player installed and running there are some extra features involved. If you right-click on any animation you will get an options menu that looks like this;



When you get this menu, you can play around with the different options. If you click 'play' the animation will stop, if you click it again the animation will resume. If you want the animation to play through once, and not loop over and over, click on the 'loop' option in the menu. You can also zoom in and out with the 'zoom' function in the menu (this function can be helpful if you are viewing a chart or table that may be too small for you to read).


4. The Buttons for Playing Sound files

Contained in several pedagogies are various buttons that allow you to hear the music described by Kepler in the Book. They appear in many forms, here is an image with a few examples of what they look like.


There are still a few small problems associated with them. For some, you may never notice, for others you might experience a 'skipping' of the sound. If this occurs, simply move your mouse OVER the button, do not push it again. As a general warning, if you hit the play button more than once, you will play the sound MANY TIMES and risk damaging your computer speakers ( for which we are not responsible for ). This problem will be remedied in the near future.



So there you have it.