Technical Advice

1. On Viewing the Animations

Download AdobeĀ® Flash Player, if you have not yet done so. Most of the animations posted on this website were made using Adobe Macromedia Flash. In order to view them, you must download Flash Player, a plugin for your browser that allows the flash end user content to be displayed. The latest version can be downloaded from the AdobeĀ® flashplayer download page . It is important to make sure you at least haveFlash Player 8. If not, the animations might not play properly (you will see nothing or broken pieces instead of the full animation). If it is already installed, then the site will let you know. Flash Player is a very lightweight, non-intrusive program, and can run smoothly even on older computers. If you are using Internet Explorer, you might get a message at the top of the screen that says it has blocked specific content. Just click the bar, let it display the content, and it should work.

If you are using Windows XP make sure that you are logged on as an administrator, otherwise you will not be allowed to install any software on the computer that you are using.

If you find any of the animations too small to view, simply right click on the image and select "Zoom In". The animation can now also be "clicked-and-dragged" to see areas that are cut off in the screen.

2. On Viewing PDF's in the Browser

The majority of the content of this site is available in a printable PDF version, which is viewable in the browser by clicking on the icon which looks like the one included here:

Using FoxIt as the PDF viewer in the browser is recommended, as it is a significantly smaller program, easy to install, and works well inside the browser. To download a free version, see


3. On Browsing the Site Offline

Download this link for offline browsing of the entire site, sans the flash Library feature:

ZIP File of the Entire Site